December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Mary Tyler Moore turns 73 today. I can't think about MTM without hearing her hilarious delivery of "Oh Rob!" from The Dick Van Dyke Show. I love it!

Sometime dreamboat, full-time douche Jude Law is 37. If the photos I saw round the 'net yesterday are any indication he's celebrating with his ex-girlfriend and fellow douche Sienna Miller in a tropical climate.

Raise your hand if you love Three Men and a Baby. I know, right? Ted Danson is 62 today, let's celebrate by watching that movie later.

Patricia Clarkson, who has elevated being awesome to a freaking art form and who once got to nuzzle with my future husband (in the not-that-good-despite-an-excellent-cast The Safety Of Objects), turns 50.

Kevin Weisman, who won my heart as Meghan's friend Earl on Felicity and then forever cemented our love as ├╝ber geek Marshall on Alias, is 39.

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