December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

Steven Spielberg, director of one of my favorite movies - Saving Private Ryan - is 63 today. I know I should have a picture of him here, but I don't have all that many good excuses to post pictures of Saving Private Ryan. I'm taking this one.

Ray Liotta turns 55 today. I'll take this opportunity to mourn the loss of his tragically short-lived television show Smith. He was really good in that. Oh, and wishing him a happy birthday afforded me a chance to post an extraneous picture of Ryan Reynolds. Look how crafty I am!

Brad Pitt is 46 today. I know Brad Pitt is like that universally lusted-after figure but I honestly didn't get what all the fuss was about until Ocean's Eleven. He was really, REALLY hot as Rusty. I believe that he, like Leonardo DiCaprio, is definitely getting hotter with age. Now if he'd just shave off the raggedy shit he's been growing on his chin, we'd be all set.

Katie Holmes, one time girlfriend of my future husband (Josh Jackson) and current wife of a really odd duck, turns 31. Googling pictures of her has reminded me how much I loved her bob. Do not be surprised if I run out and get my hair cut like this (again) very soon.

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