December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday

Ian Sommerhalder is 31 today. Sommerhalder is the kind of guy that should be hot - all the elements are there (a nice body, dark hair, chiseled features, light eyes) - but somehow what they add up to isn't hot. I think it might be because his eyebrows were specifically crafted by God to make him look villainous.

Which I guess works out to his advantage since he's an actor and he can therefore often be cast as, you know, the villain. I swear I'll catch up on my huge backlog of The Vampire Diaries episodes next week when The CW runs a week-long marathon of it and I'll be able to confirm that he and his eyebrows are perfectly cast to play Damon.

Anyway, all this talk about Sommerhalder just reminds me of the summer of 2000 when he played Hamilton Fleming in the 8 episode run of Young Americans which was a WB summer series paid for and promoted by Coca Cola and loosely spun off of Dawson's Creek when DC shoehorned in a long-lost "friend" of Pacey's named Will Krudski (no, I'm not kidding) who stopped in to Capeside to visit Pacey (and flirt with Andie during my single favorite episode of that show - "Stolen Kisses") before heading off to be the only scholarship towny at a private school for boys. Hamilton was the boy who fell in love with the girl pretending to be a boy (played by Katherine Moening). Meanwhile a young Kate Bosworth played a towny friend of Will's who was madly in love with a rich boy named Scout (serious!), the son of a Senator, who was probably also Kate's dad. Possible incest and vaguely homoerotic love, people! And now I kind of wish Netflix had this show on DVD because I think I'd like to re-watch it and remember how genuinely terrible-good it was.

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