November 10, 2009

Right and Wrong

Last night was a mixed bag. Both Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill got some things right but some things very wrong.

Gossip Girl:

Right: Chuck pulled strings like the puppet master he so totally is, trapping Serena and Blair in an elevator and forcing them to make up.

Wrong: Mere moments after making up and making plans to hang with Blair for the evening, Serena sends B packing and decides instead to spend the night flirting with her new married congressman. Hooking up Tripp and Serena is stupid on the grounds that S would never have an affair with a married man, Tripp is not interesting enough to have an affair at all, and certainly not with a teenager!

Right: Eric and Blair team up and scheme up to take Jenny down several pegs because that emaciated, stringy-haired, little bitch has gone too damn far. Eric and Blair make a genius team.

Wrong: Nate saves Jenny from complete humiliation and kind of flirts with her again. I know Nate isn't the sharpest crayon in the box but how many times is he going to help Jenny be a terrible person? Also, the Nate/Jenny relationship had a chance, it didn't work out and it needs to be left in the past. Surely there is someone left in the 5 burrows that Nate hasn't already hooked up with that they can find to help give that poor kid a storyline of his own.

Right: Vanessa's heretofore unmentioned, adorable and hilarious obsession with Duff's Twi-light movie series. It is no wonder she and Nate got along so well.

Wrong: That threesome! I forgot until the drunken, flirty behavior started but it turns out that I do not in any way want Vanessa and Dan to be together. It is awkward and bad! And Nate is right when he asserts next week that the third party in a threesome is supposed to be someone you don't know. But if you do know them, it should be someone you already hate. And on that note, I say that the people who should have had a threesome are Blair, Chuck and Vanessa. That would have been hot and wrong in all the right ways. Duff, Dan and Vanessa was not hot and even I feel ashamed this morning!

Right: Nate in a tux.

Wrong: The cotillion dresses of both Little J and Blair.

Right: Rufus's total cluelessness about cotillions.

Wrong: Any cotillion ever letting any band perform a song with the word "bitch" in it. This is society people! Also, cotillion dresses are always white. Has anyone on this show even been to a cotillion before? WTF?

Wrong: Jonathan breaking up with Eric. I'm sad for Eric now even though I never thought Jonathan was remotely cute enough for him.

Right: Eric hinted that Jenny's intended escort was totally gay and he's super cute, love interest!

One Tree Hill:

Right: Clay and Quinn finally kissed.

Right: Good father/son interaction between Nate and Jamie. Appropriately bad father/son interaction between Dan and Nate.

Right: Mouth metaphorically slaps Rachel and then Millie. Brooke physically slaps Rachel, then verbally slaps Millie.

Right: New bartender Grubbs. He has the ability to know what people want to drink before they ask him. When Dan sits down and orders a scotch neat, Grubbs tells Nathan "I would have guessed blood." I laughed and rewound to watch that 3 more times. Grubbs is good people.

Wrong: Everything else about the entire episode.

Brooke can not exhibit any self esteem whatsoever. She spends all of her time whining and bitching about Julian spending too much time with Alex effectively saying that she does not want him working and would rather he laid around on her couch all day waiting for her to come home from work and rip his clothes off. I find that both pathetic and disrespectful.

Unfortunately, he then made the completely lame-brained mistake of ditching Brooke without even telling her to go and "rescue" Alex when she went crying to him about how she found some coke in her luggage and was totally going to do it. The smart thing to do would have been to ask Brooke to come with him to help Alex. Which I guess would have been more likely if Brooke were acting like a remotely rational person lately and therefore gave some indication she could be helpful rather than just barge into the room and scream slut accusations at the crazy little addict.

In the end Julian gets pissed at Alex for faking the whole thing which she wasn't doing because she really did think there was coke in that vial. She had no idea that the newly HORRIBLE version of Millie snorted it all earlier that day.

Haley's hair continues to upset me because I know that it can look so lovely and instead it looks like that.

Clay biffs the contract negotiations for Nathan and manages to get Nate dropped from the team entirely.

Dan hangs around and creeps everyone out.

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