November 20, 2009

Luci Ruins Everything

Last night's Supernatural was not fun. The boys got the stupid, useless fucking Colt back from the tiny British demon that had it and then set out to shoot Lucifer right between the eyes with it, Ellen, Jo, and Castiel in tow.

Unfortunately Luci gave Cas the hot oil treatment and, adding great annoyance to insult, he left Meg to babysit.

Meg, in turn, left a dozen or so invisible hell hounds to "babysit" the Winchesters and the Harvelles. And by babysit I mean rip out Jo's innards and then trap them all in a hardware store. The boys rig up a CB and get some advice from Bobby who's hobbled state has kept him mercifully out of harm's way. But glad as I was that Bobby didn't die, I was flat-out distraught that Jo and Ellen did - Jo knew she wasn't going to make it and decided she'd sacrifice herself so that the rest had a fighting chance to kill Luci and save the world. But Ellen wasn't about to let her little girl die alone so the two stayed behind to blow the store and the hounds to kingdom come while Sam and Dean escaped.

That's when Samantha Ferris kicked in with acting so outstanding that my head spun around. I cried and cried and cried some more. Sam Ferris is flat-out the most amazing actor this show as ever seen and I just hope that the nature of a show about supernatural shit means we haven't seen the last of her.

I'll miss Alona Tal as well. Jo never had as much to do as some other folks, but Alona Tal is a lovely girl and I enjoyed every minute she was on the screen.

Anyway, the boys flee and put a useless colt bullet between Luci's eyes and nothing happens because...USELESS! Cas throws Meg's irritating ass into the flames of his hot oil prison and stomps out over her, popping over to the mass grave Luci's using to raise Death (the Horseman) and zaps the boys back to Bobby's just in time.

And there we're left with nothing but tears and sadness and questions until January 21st. Damn you, Kripke...and Dawn Ostroff!

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