October 12, 2009

Weekend in Reviews

Not much to report today since I spent the entire weekend watching HGTV, catching up on some TiVo (very funny Modern Family last week - loved the end with Jay reluctantly giving out love to his non-bio sons; I think Quinn and Clay are both making a bad choice to hook up on OTH this soon after the end of her marriage and I'm bored already by Nathan's faux baby mama drama; Sophia Bush was a total stitch on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last week; I'm a little squicked by Walter's "affair" with the LSD girl on Fringe and I'm sad to see the last of my beloved Charlie but things sure are getting interesting on that show!) and finishing my ER rewatch.

The last 2/3 of the sixth season was jam-packed with weepers. I literally SOBBED when Lucy and Carter were stabbed by David Krumholtz and then Lucy died. I cried when Mark's dad died. I cried when any number of patients expired, when Carol left Chicago to go be with Doug, and when Benton got Carter to go to rehab.

The rewatch wrapped up around 9pm last night with tears aplenty and that is part of the reason my eyes are all puffed up and my head feels like it's the size of a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon float. It was worth it though. Part of me actually wants to keep watching but I really don't want to see Ramano's arm severed by the helicopter, or the endlessly depressing relationship between Abby and Luka, or Sally Fields' as Abby's bipolar mother, or that mess with Rachel accidentally poisoning Mark and Elizabeth's new baby by leaving drugs lying around, or Mark dying of brain cancer. Huh...I guess I did watch more than 6 seasons the first time around...but this is where I've got to leave it this time because season 7 is when it really started to go off the rails.

I also finished my Sports Night rewatch when I watched the final episode on Friday evening. I still get goose bumps every time Jeremy tells Dana what Quo Vadimus means and then that Krager guy tells Dana that anyone who can't make money on "Sports Night" ought to get out of the money making business. It's too bad no one told ABC that back in the day.

I wonder what I'll rewatch now. Or, maybe I should watch something I've never seen before on DVD - The Wire perhaps? Or Leverage? Hmmmm...

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