October 5, 2009

Weekend In Reviews

I spent my weekend catching up on all of the TV I didn't have time to watch during the week and some TV on DVD that I always enjoy. I tried to watch one movie but it was so boring I gave up. If you ever have the notion to watch the Edward Norton/Colin Farrell movie Pride and Glory, do yourself a favor and ignore the notion. It's over 2 hours long and at 45 minutes in, it was about as riveting as watching grass grow.

I caught up on Modern Family (another funny episode that tugged at the heartstrings both when Mitchell tried to clip Cameron's wings, and when Jay proved once and for all why he's a far superior father to Manny than his real dad is), FlashForward (I actually liked this one a bit more than the pilot which is a good sign but I have to be honest with you, neither episode has demonstrated why I would need to watch this live and not on DVR delay later in the week), Accidentally on Purpose (there might be signs of improvement in the show overall and having Jon Foster take his shirt of a couple of times does not hurt. ROWR!), NCIS LA (I still think it's pretty boring, this show's season pass is hanging by a very thin thread), The Forgotten (a bit of an improvement over the pilot here, I thought the mystery was a little more well-put-together and the exposition didn't hit me in the face quite as hard. We're getting some clues as to what's what with Redhead's husband - my guess is he was a serial killer - so yay for that), and Fringe (a very solid ep with great Walter moments both with Peter and with Astrid and I'm really liking Kevin Corrigan as Sam the bowling alley guy).

I did not catch up on One Tree Hill because the sound and the picture weren't matching up in the 10 or so minutes I watched of it and it was far too irritating for me to stick with. I'm going to power through that tonight before the new ep airs though. I also didn't watch the two episodes of Vampire Diaries I have recorded because I am not quite sure if I'm going to stick with this show yet. I'm waiting to see if my interest raises to the level of actually wanting to watch the episodes I already have...if that doesn't happen in the next couple of weeks, then this one gets the heave-ho from the Season Pass list.

I also watched the Buffy The Vampire Slayer musical episode, "Once More With Feeling" and the "making of" short for that ep as well. I simply couldn't love that episode or it's music any more than I already do. But watching the "making of" demonstrated that I had not yet hit the ceiling of my love for Adam Shankman.

I am another 4 episodes closer to the end of my ER rewatch. I left off with Carol having the twins so I have just over 1/2 a season left because this rewatch stops just where my original watch did - at the end of season 6. Carol had the babies on Thanksgiving and, if my memory serves, I think that the tragic stabbing of Lucy and Carter happened in the Valentines Day episode so I'm probably a disk and a half or so away from that. I'm hoping I can wrap this up this coming weekend and free myself up for a new rewatch.

Not that I can't engage in two rewatches at once because I've also been rewatching Sports Night again for roughly the 15th time since the night of The Good Wife premier. I've been watching 3 or 4 episodes every night before I go to bed. I left off with "The Cut Man Cometh" so I'm about half way through the second and final season. As I always do, I'm looking forward to "Dana Get Your Gun," "La Forza Del Destino" and "Quo Vadimus" and really dreading "Draft Day Parts 1 and 2" but I shall watch them all and enjoy them all in their own way.

I also caught up on the only 3 episodes of the first season of The Mentalist I hadn't seen and watched a behind the scenes feature that blew my mind when I discovered that Owain Yoeman who plays Rigsby is Welsh! I may well be the only person who didn't know that I realize, but the revelation nearly made me choke on my pot sticker!

I watched Ryan Reynolds host Saturday Night Live and he was perfectly fine. I didn't find any of the sketches especially funny though I did enjoy the surprise guest appearances by Madonna, Elijah Wood and Ryan's wife Scarlett Johansson. Everything seemed exactly like it always does on SNL for me: my crush on Seth Meyers grows every single time I watch a Weekend Update, Andy Samberg's digital shorts aren't funny, the monologue is painful to watch. It would have been an utterly forgettable episode except for the inclusion of a sketch about John and Mackenzie Phillips that, even if it weren't too soon, would still have been in bad taste because joking about incest is like joking about murder - it's not fucking appropriate.

And with the scant time I had left after all of that, I took Tibby for a walk, I ran some errands, I talked to my sister, I did laundry, did dishes, tidied up and enjoyed the breeze through my house as the weather finally cooled off enough that I could turn the air conditioning off, open the windows and air the place out after the stuffy summer months.

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