October 12, 2009

TV News

It appears that ABC is trying to make up for their history of killing my favorite shows much too early (My So-Called Life, Relativity, Sports Night, Eyes...I could go on and on and on) by giving a couple of their new shows that I'm really enjoying full-season orders. They picked up Modern Family for a full season last week and announced FlashForward was getting the order this morning.

I had managed to fill my entire fall TV schedule to the brim without including a single NBC show, which would be sad if it weren't for NBC's stead-fast commitment to filling their schedule with things I couldn't care less about. But perhaps they've realized the error of their ways because first Ausiello confirms that the net has replaced Maura Tierney with Lauren Graham in Parenthood and now he's saying that they might bump up the Chuck premier to November (from February).

I had no plans to watch the second attempt to make Parenthood into a TV show because the first attempt was atrocious and the movie was basically thirtysomething anyway so this ends up being the third time this show is on TV. But now that Lauren Graham is going to be on it, I have to check it out. That's how deep my love is for Lauren Graham - deep enough to give a show I am slightly less than ambivalent about a cursory viewing, but not so deep I'd watch The Pacifier. Now you know.

And Chuck is one of two shows that NBC has aired the last few years that are worth watching - the second is Friday Night Lights, of course, but I have DirecTV so I don't have to depend on them for that anymore.

Finally, in a final bit of TV news that makes me a little sad, NBC has put the kibosh on plans for the cast of Glee to perform at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. No reason was given but I smell the foul odor of jealousy on this one as NBC no-doubt wishes they had this awesome show on their network. But on the plus side, now I don't have to get up early and watch the parade which is great since I haven't enjoyed that televised snore-fest since I was a very little kid. And instead, maybe I'll just mix a couple of episodes of Glee into my traditional Thanksgiving viewing (that is all four Thanksgiving episodes of Felicity).

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