October 22, 2009

Meet Your Top 20

So You Think You Can Dance finally, finally named their top 20 last night and then promptly threw a wrench into my perfectly choreographed television schedule when they added an extraneous (and already taped) performance show for next Monday when all the dancers will be in groups to perform numbers in their own styles with absolutely nothing on the line before the regular pair-up performance show that actually counts for something on Tuesday and the results show on Wednesday.

First they drag auditions out for almost two months, then Mia leaves the show (under mysterious circumstances that I am beginning to think might be health related?), then they put Cry-Baby Legacy and that Ballroom Wife with the addiction to bad lipstick through, then they program extra performances on nights my TV viewing schedule is already chock full? Nigel is on very thin ice with me right now.

Anyway, here are the dancers. This time next week we'll already have bid farewell to two of them. It's probably a little early to call it, but I hope it's Cry-Baby Legacy and Ballroom Wife!

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