October 8, 2009

Mashed Awesome...With A Side of Kielbasa

It was the boys vs. the girls in a mash-up duel last night on Glee that was beyond awesome. Sue got Terri a job as the new school nurse where Terri promptly got all the glee kids high on over the counter allergy medicine (which then got Howard arrested on suspicion of running a meth lab) and when these kids are on speed? Holy shit! The singing is crazy, the dancing is crazier...it's 10 pounds of genius in a 5 pound bag.

The boys went with Bon Jovi's "Its My Life" and Usher's "Confessions" and rocked the house. The girls turned the perky up to a billion, all donned sunshine-hued dresses and went with Beyonce's "Halo" and Katrina and The Waves' "Walking On Sunshine." It was the tits, and I particularly loved how much Puck seemed to enjoy it, but it was not better than the boys who so would have won that competition. But it didn't really matter because in the end Finn and Rachel decided that doping is for suckers so they ratted Terri out to Mr. Schue and Mr. Figgins and no one won. Terri was canned and Will finally told her how effing annoying she is. (As a wife and a person...as a character she's hilarious.)

Anyway, Sue's master plan to take down glee by taking down Will is working like a Machiavellian CHARM. Figgins was pissed that Will failed to notice all his kids were rolling on speed his wife had given them and admonished him for his lack of responsibility and authority over the kids, then assigned Sue to be the co-director of glee. It is so ON!

And that's only one way in which Sue has managed to fuck up Will's life. Because the whole reason she got Terri the school nurse job in the first place was to drive a wedge between the impossibly cute Emma and Will. So Terri told Emma the score and got Ken to pop the question and when Will wouldn't (couldn't, really) tell Emma not to say yes, she went ahead and accepted on the conditions that the keep it a secret, she keeps her name, they live in different parts of town and they never see each other outside of school. Which made me very, very sad for Ken.

Meanwhile, Rachel decided to stop trying to beat everyone in glee and instead be their friends and try to win WITH them. That prompted her to offer her sincere friendship to Quinn who was touched by a gesture she would have never made herself. Then Quinn admitted she really likes glee and agreed to give Terri her baby. I wish she'd lose the baby and and Terri's fake pregancy would be revealed and the entire baby storyline would be dropped like the steaming pile of boring crap that it is, but whatevs.

And in a teeny bit of SYTYCD news (because there is nothing really to talk about with that show until they name a top 20), I am going out on a limb at this early stage of the game and saying that the dread-locked krumper is my early favorite. His ballroom with the blond Lithuanian woman who is SO TOTALLY older than 29, and actually probably every minute of 45, was so damn good!

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