October 2, 2009

Make Up Hex

I was too tired to make it through all 6 of the shows I have dedicated myself to on Thursdays but I did catch a few:

The impossibly irritating Zachariah time-warped Dean to the future to convince him to give up his heavenly body to Michael on Supernatural. What Zachariah always fails to take into account is that Dean will never ever do what Zach wants him to, if for no other reason that to avoid making Zach happy at all costs.

So Future Dean turns out to be a bigger dick than Present Dean which chafes Present Dean a touch and when Present Dean runs into Future Sam all done up in his Luci duds, there's this argument that is both sad and stupid because the upshot is that Dean finally figures out that the stick he's had shoved so far up his ass about Sam for the past couple of years is exactly what drove Sam to agree to give his heavenly body to Luci two years from now, which you would have effing thought Dean could realize without benefit of seeing his brother dressed in a white suit and white patent leather shoes. Shudder! I hope none of us ever gets another glimpse of that!

So after Zach zaps Dean back to now, Dean tells him to fuck off which Zach is just about to punish him for in some unspeakably heinous way I'm sure, when Present Cas (who is perfectly nice but not nearly as awesome as Future Cas) helpfully zaps him out of Zach's grasp. Then Sam and Dean get back together realizing once (and for all?) that their brotherly bond is the only thing that makes them strong enough to save the whole damn world from apocalypse, and hopefully that will make this show more enjoyable to watch again because it's been a massive downer for way too long now.

Speaking of back to normal - I think Bones has gotten there. It was a decent-ish case this week and neither Booth nor Brennan acted particularly twitchy toward the other. Hallelujah!

Naturally The Mentalist was good because that hasn't really experienced the slump that these other two shows have (yet...knock wood!). Upon second viewing of Rigsby's hair though, I am not entirely sure I like it. It might be too long. Or too all over the place. Everything else on the show gets a thumbs up.

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