October 1, 2009

Kristen Chenoweth, Adam Shankman and Lil' C

Just a few of the highlights of my TV viewing experience last night.

I quite enjoyed the Nigel-less audition ep of SYTYCD and thought that both C and Shankman were on top of their games. At the beginning I sort of thought Mary showed up drunk the first morning but maybe she was just feeling...tired. She managed to pull it together for a fine audition show overall. And thank Heaven we have our final audition city and then Vegas next week so we can get on with the top 20 the week after. It's about time some worth-while shit started happening on this show!

In Glee news, that show is tied with The Good Wife as my favorite of the new season. I was previously calling the former my favorite comedy and the latter my favorite drama but there's kind of drama happening on Glee too so now they're just tied.

I know it was kind of shitty of Finn to play Rachel's emotions like that to get her back in glee so that he'd have a better chance of getting a music scholarship but I also believe that he didn't say anything that he didn't believe and that he meant that kiss every bit as much as he meant the one on the floor in the second episode. That adorable, tall, hunk of dumb just doesn't know how to reconcile his feelings for Rachel with his feelings for Quinn and his responsibilities toward his non-baby! But damn it all if I don't just effing LOVE Finn and Rachel together. Every time they have a scene together I'm all perched on the edge of my seat smiling from ear to ear.

Meanwhile, Emma had to point out to Mr. Schue that he's got a tendency to put his desire to reclaim former glee glory ahead of what's best for his kids. She wasn't wrong (DISCO!). His addition of Kristen Chenoweth to glee was both hilarious and stupid as she got Kurt drunk, taught Tina and Mercedes how to shoplift, and had sex with Puck and the two nameless football boys in the shower (and a hearty congrats to her for that). Sue made the teeny, tiniest of appearances last night which was a bummer. Puck told glee that Quinn is knocked up...and that Finn is the father which resulted in a DELICIOUS slap to Finn's face by Rachel. And finally, Rachel quit the play (several times, but once for good) and came back to glee.

God, I just really love this show!

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