October 28, 2009

I'd Like To Hit Nigel Over The Head With His Paula Abdul Chair

As if changing the opening and the stage weren't bad enough, now they've gone and taken away the viewers' vote which means they're not aiming to find America's Favorite Dancer - they're looking for The Judges' Favorite Dancer.

It seems to me that in an attempt to court new viewers for this fall season of So You Think You Can Dance, they're succeeding only in alienating the loyal viewers from summer seasons past.

Anyway, the Top 20 paired up and performed last night but instead of us getting to vote for our favorites on Tuesday and then having the bottom three boys and the bottom three girls dance solos before the judges send one of each home on Wednesday? They all danced and then the judges had the two boys they liked least and the two girls they liked least dance solos before quickly sending one of each home all on the same night with no input from the viewing audience what-so-ever.

It really doesn't matter what they danced or how they did because just as soon as the last couple in our Top 20 finished dancing, we were already down to 18.

I had a favorite routine, and a least favorite routine. There were dancers I liked and those I didn't. I had criticisms and praises of various dancers and choreographers and song choices (seriously, I love Glee more than words but their version of "Push It" was a TERRIBLE accompaniment to a Cha Cha!). But I guess I don't need to talk about any of that. What I do need to talk about is how much it pisses me off that they clearly knew they were going to send Substitute Top 20er Brandon home before he ever set foot on that stage. Or how mad I am that they put Russell in the bottom 2 boys despite the fact that he's a fan favorite and did damn well last night with a substitute partner. Better than Nathan by a country mile in my opinion!

I could bitch about Nigel's and Mary's continued effusive praise of shit choreography in general and Disco routines in particular when Adam and I both know that disco is the weak fucking link on this show.

I would like to take Nigel to task for how the new stage design removes the intimacy of having the audience 2/3 surrounding the stage helping us feel that much more connected to the dancers. I'd also like to mention to him that his Paula Abdul obsession is about the most irritating shit I've ever seen on this show and I'm including Mary's love affair with the phrase "yes I am"/"yes it is"/"yes I do"/"yes you were" last season.

In the end I guess I'll just briefly mention that Bianca and Victor were shining stars for me last night, dancing a contemporary piece choreographed by Travis Wall (pictured above); that I still don't like Phillip or Legacy or Ashliegh; that I think Ellenore needs to be careful about declaring routines "the best ever on SYTYCD"; and say good bye and good luck to Brandon and Ariana.

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