October 30, 2009

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Sucky Team

So the fourth season of Friday Night Lights kicked off on DirecTV on Wednesday night in top-notch fashion.

A ton of the parents whose kids were zoned for East Dillon are pissed at Tami because they think she personally was responsible for the ridiculously unfair districting lines.
Landry and that adorable girl from his band (whose name I can not remember for the life of me) have both been districted for East Dillon. Landry hates it but he follows the rules because he's a good kid that way. Band Girl's parents would sooner die than have her go to East so they send her to West and Tami has to pull her out of class and have her escorted to East. All of this plus the EXTREME douchy-ness of JD McCoy since Coach pulled his losing ass from the final game last season prompts Julie to tell her parents that while the districting lines have left her in West territory, she'll be transferring to East to be with her remaining two high school friends - Landry and Band Girl.
Slimy Bastard McCoy spends all of his time and energy attempting to manipulate Tami into taking sides against her husband. Roping her into handling the coin toss for the Panther's first game where they pretty much order her to call heads and elect to start on defense so instead she calls tails and elects to start with offense effectively giving McCoy and his puppet coach the finger. Then she leaves her school's game and heads across town to support her husband.

Coach is trying to get a handle on the East Dillon Lions but he's stuck with mostly mouthy, disrespectful, juvenile delinquents. It isn't going all that well as most of the guys want to be quarterback and none of them want to shut up and listen to coach. So the best things he has going for him on this new team are Landry and new running back Vince who has joined the team in a last ditch effort to keep him out of Juvie. After a fight between Landry and a particularly heinous little dickhead on the team, Coach loses his shit and sends anyone who doesn't want to be serious, shut up and do everything coach says with a "yes, sir" attitude, then they should get the hell out of his house. And get the hell out they do. He's left with barely enough kids to play.

The first game goes just about as well as expected with the Lions losing 45 - nothing at the half and nearly every boy injured. Vince has a very bad high ankle sprain, one boy needs stitches, Landry might have lost a tooth and is bleeding pretty profusely from his mouth...they're all a mess but every one of them claims they're fine to keep playing. But Coach is not about to hurt his kids so he forfeits the game, which will cause some problems for him later.

In other news, Matt's life is kind of sad since electing to skip art school in Chicago and stay home to take care of Grandma (whose dementia has gotten really bad). He's delivering pizza and putting up with way too much shit from Douchbag McCoy. He's got Julie and Landry but other than that, life isn't so good for our favorite QB1.

And Riggins has dropped out of San Antonio State and come back home to discover that Billy is pissed at him for not going to college and a very pregnant Mindy is pissed at him for trying to move back into the house when they're making his room the nursery. So he has sex with Alicia Witt who has managed to live in Dillon, Texas and not know who Tim Riggins is which I find more than a little suspect. But her daughter knows and spends the whole morning giving him shit and flirting with him while he attempts to do the walk of shame on out of there.

I missed these people and this town.

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