October 9, 2009

The Adventures of Bossy and Mopey

I was just about to give up on Supernatural ever successfully resurrecting the fun to be had in watching when Sam and Dean liked each other. Most of the way through last night's episode I was still shouting at the screen telling Dean to shut the fuck up and stop being so bossy and quit blaming Sam as if he was the one and only thing that sprung Luci from hell when, in fact, it was Dean who broke the FIRST damn seal.

Fortunately Sam finally grew a spine (I have no idea what's been holding that enormous body upright all this time, but it definitely was NOT a spine) and told Dean to shove his bossing and pissing and blaming and moaning right up his puckered, tantalizing ass because it was, in fact, Dean's superiority complex that caused Sam's inferiority complex which is why Sam ditched Dean for Ruby and her "you're a big, strong, powerful man and we need you and only you to save the world" bullshit since he was desperate to stop feeling so impotent. Metaphorically of course, we all know Sam can get it up because every time he does, some poor girl dies...albeit unbelievably satisfied I'm sure.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, so Sam finally called Dean on his shit and then Dean copped to being a dick and finally - FINALLY - admitted that Luci's reign of terror is just as much his first-seal-breaking fault as it is Sammy's final-seal-breaking-fault and they made up for realises (I think...you never know when Kripke will pull the rug out from under us again) and then Dean let Sam drive his baby.

Oh right, they also fought a ghost that was actually a shape-shifting Norse Forest God or some such. First the thing was James Dean and it stuck the windshield of a truly gorgeous Porsche through a man's skull, then it was Abe Lincoln and it splattered a historian's brains all over his lovely office, and then it was Paris Hilton.

That's the form it took when it kidnapped a stupid teenage girl and tied her and the brothers Winchester to trees and lectured them about the dangers of worshiping false idols (which was meta and surprisingly entertaining considering it was delivered by Paris Hilton). Then she beat the crap out of Dean until Sammy saved him by hacking off her head.

I had already said I was withholding judgement about Paris's guest stint because Rob Thomas made it work on Veronica Mars so I was hoping Kripke could do the same. While the VM episode was good in spite of Paris's presence, I actually thought she wasn't too bad in this. The only spot where it really sucked (other than the snippy, annoying, brother dramas but that's beside the point for our purposes now) was when the writers shoe-horned in a stupid House of Wax joke as a way of teasing Padalecki. Considering the entire monster-of-the-week story took place in a wax museum, you really would have thought they'd have found a better way to get that joke in there than just having Dean snot at Paris that he's "never even seen House of Wax" while the camera focused in on Sam. Cheap, Kripke. Cheap and bad!

Now with the boys all made up, our upcoming scenes tell us that they'll wind up stuck in a variety of television shows including a Japanese game show, Grey's Anatomy, and CSI Miami where Padalecki does an impression of David Caruso that I had to rewind and watch 4 times because it was so freaking funny.

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