September 30, 2009

Too much TV?

I don't actually think it's possible but I am way behind this week already. I'm an episode behind on at least 5 shows after only 2 days.

I did watch the pilot for The Forgotten finally. The exposition, which I understand is necessary in a pilot episode to let us know what the hell is going on and who these people are, was clumsier than it should have been, but it was an ok crime-solving show. I'd like to know what exactly is going on with the redhead and her husband because that was a little mysterious. I'll keep watching but since it's on opposite The Good Wife, which I'm loving, I'm going to record this one and catch up on the weekends.

Speaking of The Good Wife - another good episode! Josh Charles' hair was suddenly different in a really off-putting way though. First of all, he's always cuter with really short-cropped hair. Second, he's gone and died it a color that's much too dark for him and worst of all, it's kind of...Luke Perry circa 90210 at the beach. That is NOT a good thing! But Julianna Marguilies continues to be even more goregous than she was 15 years ago.

NCIS got back to normal-ish last night (though not nearly enough Ducky or Abby for my taste) and the team is back together now so next week should be even better.

Those wacky kids on the UES were a rip-roaring good time no Gossip Girl this week. I am ready for Georgina to leave and never come back, for Vanessa to have something worthwhile to do, and to know what exactly Carter did to Bree's family...oh yeah, and for Jenny, Eric, and Lilly to be on the show again, but there are good things happening now in Serena's storyline, Chuck and Blair are getting more and more interesting (who knew they'd be so good as "an old married couple"?) and I am starting to kind of like Dan which is weird since I've always thought he was pretty insufferable. Maybe it was all that time he spent bare chested in this ep.

HIMYM had an off night for me. I didn't get many laughs out of it. Even at it's least funny, I still like to watch it because I am invested in the lives of the characters, but it needs to pick up the funny next week. The Big Bang Theory was pretty funny this week. I love the awkwardness that results in Sheldon dealing with Penny and Leonard's relationship.

House made me damn near homicidal this week - who's stupid idea was it to follow up a Foreman and Thirteen-free episode (that was awesome) with an episode where they were practically the only people in it? Ugh! I really thought that I couldn't despise Foreman any more but it turns out that if the show revolves around him and his massively-out-of-proportion-to-his-abilities ego, there are crazy new levels of dislike I can reach!

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