September 25, 2009

I'm exhausted!

I haven't even gotten through all of the premiers for this TV season yet but I'm still wiped. It is hard work being this dedicated to television!

Cougar Town - I have been trying to think of something to say about this since the second I finished watching it last night. It had a couple of laughs and it had several cringes. The premise is decent and the actors are good but if the message you're trying to deliver is that women in their 40s are awesome and it's shitty that men in their 40s don't realize that, maybe the women in their 40s that you've chosen shouldn't look like they've volunteered for experimental facial reconstructive experiments.

Courtney Cox mostly looks amazing but her upper lip doesn't move in a really distracting way. The combination of lip "enhancements" (I don't know if they're using collagen or saline or the placenta from African elephants or what these days) and botox have left part of her face bearing little or no resemblance to an actual human face. But that's really nothing compared to Christa Miller's face which has had so much work that it actually scared the crap out of me. She's only mildly unsettling when she is motionless but as soon as she talks or attempts to make an expression, it's like a horror movie gave birth to that woman's face!

I don't know if I'll give this a season pass but I might watch it from time to time when Supernatural and Fringe are reruns or something.

Bones - A vast improvement over last week but I could still do with less of the awkward between Booth and Bones. Also, does that whole thing with Wendell's scholarship mean they're done having a revolving cast of interns? I mean, I like Wendell a lot but I'll miss the other crazies.

Fringe - Peter is taking charge up in that mother! Also there's bonding all over the place with Walter, the mystery of the week is totally gross and Not Charlie is making me sad.

Supernatural - Jessica was an illusion created for Sam by Lucifer on account of Sam is Luci's first choice of a vessel. Yeah, I'm calling the Devil Luci now because it amuses me to nickname Beelzebub something that sounds like a little girl. Especially since he's hamstrung by his inability to posess a human without their permission and while he'd like to destroy the planet he can't get that plan in motion until he gets himself into the body he really wants. When you're the Prince of Darkness, shouldn't you be able to wreak havoc a little more efficiently than this?

Dean pals around with Cas and acts like that's more fun than hangin' with his brother - which I grant you is true based on the last couple of seasons but that's the writers stupid fault!

The good news is that Dean was quite funny and Sam spent some time with his shirt off. The bad news is they did not get back together and will, in fact, be at odds again next week for the billionth episode in a row. Get it in gear, Kripke!

The Mentalist - It's still good. The CBI big wigs have taken the Red John case away from Lisbon's team so Jane is irritated and threatens to quit which really doesn't work so instead he tries to manipulate the guy who has the case now but that doesn't work either so I think his new plan is to circumvent the new guy in some way. Whatever the case may be, the important things are this: Rigsby has a longer, messier hair do that is working for him pretty good; Lisbon got bangs which is a much better look for her; and Simon Baker is hot as the afternoon sun in the desert!

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