September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

Hugh Grant is 49 today. There was a time I really didn't understand the appeal of Mr. Grant but the older I get, the more I really appreciate the charm, charisma and wit he brings to the screen and now I can absolutely understand the appeal.

Goran Visnjic is 37. No offense to him, because he's definitely a looker, but I stopped watching ER shortly after he came on board. I can tell this birthday write up is destined to be the most back-handed of all time, and I really don't mean it that way, however...don't you think he'd just be divine to play Lucifer on Supernatural? Anyway, I really thought he was quite a bit older than 37 but I guess that shows what I know. I know you can't tell from most of what I've said above, but I do like Mr. Visnjic, I swear!

The lovely Michelle Williams is a mere 29 today. I shall continue to lobby for an Oscar category for "face acting" which, if it's ever adopted, will certainly never remedy the fact that she did not win an Oscar for her heartbreaking performance in Brokeback Mountain but it may virtually guarantee her a future Academy Award because she can convey more with just her face than many actors can convey with an entire movie's worth of dialogue. She is Kristen Stewart's polar opposite. And she just plain kicked ass most of the time as Jen Lindley on Dawson's Creek.

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