August 10, 2009

We get it, you're "punk rock." Stop trying so hard.

I might be the only person on earth currently harboring feelings of open disdain and irritation for Kristen Stewart, so maybe I'm just more apt to hate what she wears, but this is really, really stupid right? That's not just me?

For starters, the medal "fringe" here is like small bullets or something. There's got to be, like, an 80% chance she'll need a tetanus shot after she sits down in that thing! And it's short enough that the potential wounds would be in some very uncomfortable places, you know?
Second, the wifebeater underneath reduces it to looking I'm not suggesting she should have worn it as-is without anything under, because I don't want to see her boobs AT ALL. But maybe pull an Angelina and turn the thing around, work an exposed back and a more "demure" front that might have actually managed to make this totally fug dress kind of hot?

If she really had to wear it with the tank, then maybe an enhancing foundation garment and standing up straight (look at this, she's got me talkin' like my grandma!) would have helped her look a bit less like a 14-year-old tranny!

I am very much against the current movement in shoe fashion that has everyone wearing large shit around their ankles because lets face it, it's making even the shapeliest legs look stumpy and ridic. These in particular look like they might serve some orthopedic function.

And finally, I know that she got this 'do to play Joan Jett in a movie but...even Joan Jett doesn't wear this style any more and I believe there is a reason for that. It's ugly. Even if Joan did still sport this coif, I know for sure she'd wash it once in a while. And brush it. And maybe not style it with Crisco and an egg beater for a freaking awards show!

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Brenda B said...

It's not just you that outfit is REALLY REALLY bad.