August 11, 2009

Too Big For Too Small

I have been avoiding making any comments about the weight that Mischa Barton has so obviously gained because 1) I think she has bigger, more serious problems in her life than her weight, 2) I spent a lot of time ragging on her for being too skinny in her O.C. heyday and 3) people in fat houses shouldn't throw scones.

I do think it's interesting that she's staring in a show about models, as a model, at exactly the time in her life when she doesn't have the body of your average skin-and-bones model, but I support a more realistic portrayal of beauty in the media so good on Kutcher, I say.

My beef is not with her beefiness, but with her inability to dress appropriately for her size...or any size. The world at large really shouldn't be able to check your Brazilian from 50 paces. I mean, in a photo taken from the front, I can still see her ass. That's just not right!

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