August 18, 2009

Things I've Learned Today

I have learned many, many things from Gossip Girl. Like, sometimes the most dastardly, conniving people are the funnest; washed-up '90s rock stars make inept parents; really pretty girls with a lot of money but not enough sense will date a disturbing number of self-righteous douche bags; and too much eye liner and a bad haircut can turn a cute girl fug quicker than you can say "Little J."

Those are just a few examples because every single episode is a complete education, really.

I can even learn stuff just seeing pictures from the set. Here's what I've learned today:

Kelly Rutherford's baby is cute.

Something fancy is going on in the out of doors this season...people are dressed up at the Botanical Gardens and Chuck is wearing a boutanier. Wedding perhaps?

The wardrobe department takes one step forward and 237 steps back. This saggy monstrosity looks very much like she is wearing a plus-size woman's blouse as a dress. Oh God, I hope it's not a wedding, can you imagine if someone showed up to your wedding looking like this? You'd want to call the whole thing off!

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