August 18, 2009

Speaking of movies I'm anxious to see...

The lovely Alexis Bledel is staring in a movie called Post Grad in which she plays a girl fresh out of college who can't find a job and is forced to move back home to live with her parents (Michael Keaton and Jane Lynch). Because no movie would be complete without a cute boy friend who will eventually become her cute boyfriend, Zach Gilford co-stars.

Please let me know if you can think of wackier people to cast as the parents or cuter people to play the romantic leads because I cannot.

Post Grad opens on Friday and I just happen to have Friday off. Now, I've got almost two full Twilight books to read before book club on the 31st so I was supposed to read all day Friday but since I've got two more vacation days between now and the 31st and it takes me just about one full day to read these tomes, I think I might treat myself to a movie this week and trudge through the books on my two vacation days next week instead.

How do I spell procrastination? M-E-L-I-S-S-A!

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