August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday

The wonderful John Noble is celebrating his 61st bithday today. Two days in a row I get to give crazy ol' Walter Bishop some love!

Joan Allen is 53 today. She is a great actress, a hell of a serious, ass-kicking authority figure (Bourne movies, Death Race) and back in 2001 she had a hair style that I still covet. Isn't she gorgeous?

James Marsters turns 47 today. As Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer Marsters was a terrific homicidal maniac and he certainly has the youthful face to play a man who never ages. Plus his faux British accent was spot-on. Bloody hell! Oh yeah, he also has the good sense to wear pink.

Finally, the delightful Amy Adams is 35 today. There isn't much more to say about her other than she's lovely and incredibly talented. I've never seen a single movie of hers that I didn't really enjoy.

Happy happy to one and all.

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