August 5, 2009

Damn You, Kripke!

I am not a fan of stunt casting. Partly because I would rather see beloved character actors show up on my favorite shows than big-time movie stars who will garner the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people and artificially inflate ratings on a one-time basis rather than adding something meaningful to the story. Partly because it always feels shoe-horned in by a network exec after the fact creating a totally shitty ep for loyal viewers.

No stunt casting news in the world fills me with more dread than a story involving Paris Hilton. (Not even when How I Met Your Mother stunt-cast a mid-mental-break Britney!) And today E!Online tells me that not only is Paris spreading her herpes around the boob tube again, but she's doing it on a show I love...again! Apparently she'll be popping up on Supernatural next season. I hope she's playing some kind of grotesque demon that the Winchester boys dispense with even before the opening credits roll.

I do find comfort in the memory of how her presence did not detract from the innate awesomeness of Veronica Mars as she played Logan's skank-ho (type casting!) girlfriend in an early first season ep. I hope Eric Kripke can write around her as well as Rob Thomas did.

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