July 8, 2009

So You Think You Know Who's Gonna Win

TVGuide.com has a "power list" ranking the remaining 12 SYTYCD contestants according either to the writer or a reader poll - it's really hard to figure out which. Either way, I strongly disagree with their assessments.

Here's how I'd rank the Top 12 in order from least impressive to most:

12. Caitlin - She relies much too heavily on a sex appeal I don't believe she possesses in the frst place and a grating "baby voice" personality that bleeds into her dancing (yes, I do think she dances with a "baby voive." What of it?). I never see passion when she dances and her performances have been flat at best all season. I think Jason's carried her this far and it's (passed) time for them to send her home. [TVGuide.com ranking: 8]

11. Jason - He hasn't shown any growth or much personality to speak of and when you're hoping to be America's favorite dancer, you've really got to put a whole lot of both on display. Not one of the routines that he and Caitlin have danced has been anything I'd want to see on the tour and while it's possible he'd be better with a different partner, I don't think he's shown us enough to make it worth the risk. [TVGuide.com ranking: 11]

10. Phillip - He edges out Jason only because he has done at least one routine that I'd want to see on the tour (the NappyTab Hip Hop from week one) but if it weren't for that, he'd have found himself at the bottom of my boys pile himself. He hasn't shown much growth and while I keep hoping for a contemporary or jazz routine for him to see if he could be good in that, so far I haven't gotten it and that's really not the point because you need to show a competence in all the styles that he just hasn't quite managed. I think he'll make the Top 10 but he should be the boy to go next week. [TVGuide.com ranking: 9]

9. Kupono - He's a fine dancer but he's undeserving of all the comparisons he draws to Mark and he's got more weaknesses than some of the other remaining male dancers - including his actual physical weakness (he said it himself!). His solos have been beyond underwhelming and his personality is just too...much. [TVGuide.com ranking: 12]

8. Jeanine - She is probably suffering from the weaknesses of her partner but beyond that, I don't think enough of her personality is coming through to win her the fans she'll need to get her through to the end. I'd like to see her dance something by Mandy Moore or Mia Michaels but there are times I forget about her entirely and that's not a good sign. [TVGuide.com ranking: 6]

7. Randi - She's been solid the whole way through but she doesn't quite show the grace and beauty in her dancing that I'm getting form some of the other girls and she's had a couple of technical flaws that I haven't seen from her competition either. And I agree with Mia that Randi has a tendency to dance heavy. She's got a few weeks left but she's not headed for the finale. [TVGuide.com ranking: 10]

6. Evan - I think his pre-Top 20 fan base has been carrying him a lot of the way so far. He wasn't as good at Broadway as he should have been (and I still say part of that was the choreographer's fault but he's got to shoulder some of the blame), and his Jive was less than stellar. He's done really well with Jazz and Contemporary routines but his batting average is going to need to improve substantially if he hopes to win. [TVGuide.com ranking: 1]

5. Kayla - I like Kayla a lot. I think she's a sweet girl and her grandpa's adorable weepiness helps her a lot. She's also immensely talented and has managed to be amazing at everything she's been given to do. Unfortunately she keeps ending up in the bottom three so either the public isn't connecting with her or she's gotten choreography that's too divisive. I hope she makes it to the finale but I worry about her fate once they move to sending home the lowest vote getters amongst the guys and the girls. [TVGuide.com ranking: 4]

4. Brandon - I have been very up-front with my issuses with Brandon. I don't like him. I find him annoying and prissy and egotistical...and annoying. But damn it if he doesn't dance everything he's given like it's his own style! He is a great dancer and on the strength of that, he'll probably make it to the Top 4. I still don't think he'll win though. Personality counts for a lot when it's all said and done. [TVGuide.com ranking: 2]

3. Janette - Her personality is a little under the radar (which, compared to her partner, is a good thing), but her dancing is amazing every single week. She performs and dances the shit out of every routine and she's sure to go far in the competition. [TVGuide.com ranking: 7]

2. Melissa - She's technically proficient, she's likable now that she's stopped harping on the "sexy ballerina" thing, and she's got more chemistry with her partner than any other pairing in the competition. Together they dance with beauty, ease, confidence, and passion. I suppose she could be paired with someone in the weeks to come who doesn't help her shine the way Ade does, but I have a feeling she's just got IT and she's taking it to the very end. [TVGuide.com ranking: 3]

1. Ade - He's strong, he's masculine, he's funny, he's sexy, he's sweet and he is a great partner. He's my favorite dancer this season and I can't imagine anything that will stop him from going all the way. [TVGuide.com ranking: 5]

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