July 16, 2009


It was reported today that Mischa Barton was taken from her home by police for "medical reasons" and has now been put on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold which, is the legal terminology for keeping her in the hospital against their will because it was determined by medical and psychiatric professionals that she is a danger to herself or others.

As I'm sure you'll recall, Britany Spears was twice put on 5150 hold during her most troubled times.

This is a sad story and normally I wouldn't post anything about it because it's a little insensitive to snark about someone in such circumstances. But I'm not really here to snark. What I want to say is that I've suspected for quite a while that Mischa needed help of the intervention variety.

This is Mischa Barton in The O.C. circa 2004. She's thin but she looks mostly healthy, happy and pretty.

This is Mischa earlier this month. She's clearly high as a kite, her face is puffy, her hair is stringy, her complexion a bit ruddy. She doesn't look healthy and, despite her creepy smile, she doesn't look happy either.

Get better, Mischa. Get off of whatever you're on and take care of yourself!

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