June 12, 2009

SYTYCD: Top 20 Results

My bottom three prediction was spot on - they were by a wide margin the weakest of the performances - but I was only half right about who'd be sent home.

I liked Paris a lot and it's a shame she had to go because she really did out-dance Tony by a ton, but her solo was the weakest. I feel like the judges should send them home based solely on who's earned their spot more week-to-week but at the same time I understand they're trying to keep the competition on a reasonably even field and at least they're honest about it. It's a lot better than shoveling a load of manure over a bad decision and calling it a garden...sorry, that metaphor got away from me right out of the gate.

Tony was also sent home and obviously I saw it coming and I don't disagree with the decision, but if we based it entirely on the solo performances, Jonathan would be the one washing the boot print from his ass today. All I see in that kid is a pretty boy with a good smile and weak dancing ability. This was the one casting blunder the judges made this year. Like the salsa-dancing teacher from Miami last year.

Oddly enough tough, who stayed and who went home wasn't the important part of the show last night. The important part was that Shane Sparks choreographed the opening group number and it was fucking awesome! I miss you, Shane. Come back to us!!!

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