June 17, 2009

Must List

As you can see from my last post (if you read the text that is, I would not blame you if you looked past all of that and just stared at the naked man flesh), you know that Entertainment Weekly is dedicating a special double issue to their Must List which is a weekly feature in the magazine that lists 10 awesome things in which they think we should all partake.

I'm starting my own must list and just randomly mentioning things I think you all should check out as they occur to me.

Item #1: If you're not on Twitter you should be (Bren, this is my version of your crusade to get me to use Facebook, which, I understand has really been a huge disappointment for you. Sorry.) and after you sign up, you MUST follow Adam Shankman. He tweets incessantly and he has this very star-struck, name-droppy, totally-like-someone-you'd-know kind of thing going on. He is hilarious. And, he announced via a pair of Tweets last night that he will donate $10,000 to a charity that battles hunger if he can get up to 100,000 followers and another $10,000 to a charity that awards dance academy scholarships to worthy, at-risk kids if he gets up to a million followers.

Following him is as good for the children as it is for your funny bone!

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