April 15, 2009

Movie Review In Review

So after Heather read my last post she sent me the following IM:

Hey, Todd and I saw Taken on Friday night.

It was good, but seriously, one man taking out an entire Albanian sex ring?

Although, I'm a sucker for those types of movies, where the good guy wins. I wished they had included his old team, why did they invest in the back story, to not involve them? Also, the ex-wife was a total biotch!

And I'm so glad she did because she's right on a number of points. It was a bit ridic, because no matter how bad-ass Liam Neeson is (and believe you me, he is capital-B bad!), he still could not have taken out the entire Albanian Sex Mob by himself in 39 hours...or, you know, whatever the random number of hours was.

Plus, they did really set up the back story and hire quality actors (Leland Orser and John Gries most notably) to be his former partners and then essentially the only thing they got to do was facilitate the ridiculous pop-star subplot rather than getting in on some of the hard-core bad-assery their own selves which is a movie I would have REALLY liked to see.

Last but not least, holy shit was the ex-wife beyond irredeemably bitchy. I like Famke Jansssen a fair bit but when she plays the bitch she commits to it 110% and so her bitch is truly awful. She also added insult to injury when she insisted on wearing one off-the-shoulder white sweater after another through the whole movie. If you and your new husband are so God-damned rich, maybe you should be able to buy yourself more than one effing sweater huh LENNY!?!

Sorry, I just...had a moment.

Anyway, thank you for bringing up these insightful thoughts, Heather. Perhaps you should start contributing some guest reviews around here?

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