April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday

Paul Adelstein won my heart as the over-zealous Agent Kellerman during the first two seasons of Prison Break. Poor Kellerman was massively cuckolded by Vice President Evil (Patricia Wettig) and it was only because he loved her that he followed her every order to kill Linc and Michael and everyone they ever met. I really didn't care what he did or who he killed because Paul Adelstein was just so very Jewish every-man good looking.

Then he left Prison Break because that show is not afraid to kill people off at all. I was a little sad and I stopped watching the show shortly thereafter. OK, it wasn't because Kellerman was dead so much as it was because I was starting to think that a show about people who break out of one prison only to get thrown in another and break out again and so on was maybe not going to have the freshest stories week after week. I could be wrong but I've got a lot on my TV plate as it is and sometimes things have to go.

Fortunately for me, Adelstein ended up playing adorable pediatrician Dr. Cooper Freedman (which should be spelled Friedman but whatever) on Private Practice so my weeks were once again flush with his Hebrew hottness. Unfortunately, Private Practice suffers from the same shortcomings as it's mother ship (Grey's Anatomy) which is to say that the writers make 95% of the characters unlikable, creates high drama out of stupid shit and expect anyone to care. Private Practice got evicted from my season pass list early into the current season.

I can't seem to stick with his shows but I am sticking with him. My crush on Adelstein is as strong as ever.

Happy 40th birthday, Paul.

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