March 10, 2009

Time Out!

It's good news, bad news for Friday Night Lights fans today. First Ausiello made me giddy as a school girl with his news that NBC and DirecTV are trying to hammer out a TWO YEAR renewal deal for my beloved Little Show That Could.

Then came the bad news from Vanity Fair that Taylor Kitsch actively lobbies against his own nudity on the show. "They want me shirtless a lot of the time and I battle tooth and nail against that. When it’s called for, it’s O.K. But I don’t need to be driving shirtless. Are we doing a fucking calendar shoot, or are we actually doing Tim Riggins driving? I believe I’m 100 percent right in this regard: less is more. I don’t want to be known as that cat, you know? Just that guy on the show that’s always shirtless. "

Now I love Timmy Riggins no matter what he does or doesn't wear, but I think the ratings would go way up if he spent more time flashing his flesh. Or maybe just doing sleeveless push-ups.

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kellygirlxoxo said...

Well it is understandable that he does not want to be known as that "pretty boy" on the show, but DAMN IT! HE IS!!!! He says it is ok to go shirtless (flaunting that gorgeous body)when the storyline calls for it, but he plays a teenage footballer who gets drunk alot, has slept with many girls, has a girlfriend now who he bones whenever he gets the chance. Can you tell me when it is NOT called for? His character is Tim Riggins, not Tiny Tim!!!! God Bless us all!!!!