March 2, 2009

Marry Me, Jesse Plemons

Surely it comes as no surprise that I deeply love Friday Night Lights. I've said it before and I will continue to repeat it until everyone with a television realizes how right I am and starts watching - that is the best show on television.

What might shock anyone who's familiar with the show and knows me at all, is that my favorite character is not the perfectly genius Tami Taylor, or the perfectly awesome Coach Taylor, or the perfectly sexy Tim Riggins, or the perfectly sweet Matt Saracen. Any of those would be the easy guesses given my penchant for loving the kick-ass women and the supremely attractive men. But my favorite is actually the perfectly PERFECT Landry Clark.

Landry is hilarious, he's smart, he's sweet, he is not afraid to be himself and own his dorkiness. He's a very good friend, a much better boyfriend than Tyra usually deserves, a great tutor to any number of good-looking idiots, a fantastic singer and guitarist. He's also extremely cute. It's a controversial position, I know. My mom thinks he looks like a "much less attractive, younger version of Matt Damon" and I know several other people who think I'm letting my love for his personality cloud my eyesight but I say that that's usually what makes people really attractive anyway. And Landry Clark is the cutest boy in Dillon, Texas. Not the hottest, not the sexiest, not the handsomest...but definitely the cutest.

And you know who is equally as cute? The actor who plays Landry - Jesse Plemons. He blogged last Friday's FNL ep for (as Connie Britton had done before) and his comments were pretty much my thoughts exactly. You guys seriously, isn't he freakin' adorable?

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