March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday

Several very awesome and/or attractive people were born on March 25th.

Brenda Strong is 49 today. I have loved Ms. Strong deeply ever since she played Sally Sasser on Sports Night. She is one tall, lovely drink of water.

Her fellow Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross turns 47. They were also both on Everwood - Strong as Dr. Andy Brown's dead wife and Cross as his HIV-positive girlfriend and sister of his BFF Dr. Harold Abbott. God I miss that show!

The biggest diva in show business - Mr. Elton John - is 62.

Hot piece of ass Sean Faris turns 27 today. I don't care if he never does another thing in his entire life, I will always have a little crush on him as Dino from Life As We Know It.

Former pie maker and super handsome fellow Lee Pace is celebrating the big 3-0.

And speaking of the Big 3-0, you know who else is 30 today? Gorgeous friend of me, Lynda Reed! Happy Birthday Lynda!!!

P.S. A belated happy first birthday to the ridiculously cute Brooke Reed whose birthday was last Friday.

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