March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday

One of my biggest girl crushes of all time, Keri Russell is 33 today. I have so much love for her fantastic acting in both Felicity and Waitress and her general gorgeousness, that I can't contain this post to just one picture.

I know she got a lot of shit for it at the time, and actually prompted the head honchos at the WB network to decree that none of their young stars could alter their looks in any way without first receiving their permission, but I always loved the short hair. If I had a face like that, I wouldn't distract people from it with a bunch of hair either! Yes, the ratings took a bit of a dive in Felicity's second season after our heroine chopped off all of her signature curly locks, but it's possible that had more to do with the fairly depressing nature of the stories Felicity's sophomore year brought than it did with her coif. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, happy birthday Keri.

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