January 8, 2009

Three Reasons...

I plan to see Bride Wars:

3. Steve Howey - I always found him quite funny and cute on Reba.

2. Chris Pratt - or, as I'm pretty committed to referring to him for the rest of my lifetime, Bright Abbott.

1. Bryan Greenberg - JAKE! My deep, borderline-obsessive love for Bryan Greenberg means that I will watch every single thing he does, no matter how bad it might be, just because he's THAT cute.


Brenda B said...

See I was already planning on seeing that movie and didn't know it had a plethera of cute boys in it. Not I don't have the love that you do for Brigth but OH THAT JAKE!!! :)

Melissa said...


I think now that Chris Pratt has cut his hair shorter, you're going to start seeing his cuteness more. You'll have to let me know if I'm wrong once you see the movie.