January 7, 2009

My Newest Obsession

Much has been made in the media recently about NCIS being the highest rated show on TV so far this season. The show is currently in it's 6th season and is bringing in by far the highest numbers of its run, which is extra impressive since it's had very respectable ratings all along.

I used to refer to NCIS as "CSI: AARP" back when everyone I knew who watched it were, well, AARP members. A couple of years ago, I found out that a friend of mine who was in his early- to mid-twenties loved it. I teased and teased.

Then it went into syndication on USA Network and every once in a while when there was nothing else on, I'd watch an episode here and there that way. I had to grudgingly admit that it was a decent show. The actors are good, the mysteries are usually pretty interesting and in much the same way that Bones does, it mixes a great sense of humor with it's crime solving. I still didn't watch it on it's regular night and time or even regularly in syndication though.

But if there is one thing I'm a sucker for, it's a marathon. The holidays are lousy with them and I love 'em! So when USA had a 12 hour NCIS marathon the Saturday after Christmas, I pulled up a couch and watched (almost) every one. That's when I decided that I kind of loved the show and needed to watch it all from the beginning. So off to the store to get some DVDs I went and have now just finished watching the first two seasons in their entirety while the third season is on its way from NetFlix as we speak.

I'm looking very forward to the third season because that's where we'll meet Zeva who, I already know from scattered later eps caught on USA, I much prefer to Kate. For one thing, I can't ever see Sasha Alexander without seeing her as Gretchen Witter making out with Dawson Leery and then I get all grossed out and think about how much I'd rather be thinking about Pacey Witter and once I'm down that wormhole, getting out is a problem. Second, I found the vague "sexual tension" they always seemed to be forcing between Kate and Gibbs kind of creepy. Most of all, her character was just entirely too preachy and prissy and joyless. All "postal carrier, not mail man" this and "why can't I go on the submarine just 'cause I'm a girl?" that and "Tony you're so immature and chauvinistic!" the other thing. I'm not saying that Tony isn't immature or chauvinistic because he totally is, but he's also kind of that way on purpose just to bug her and either way, his schtick is way more fun than hers.

Anyway, now that Ari has offed her, we get Zeva in her place and she is much better at giving Tony exactly the same as he gives her. Flirting just to the point of inappropriateness and then leaving him panting for more. She's fun. Also, I like when she butchers the English language.

Abby and McGee are my favorites though. They're so nerdy and cute. Tell me they wouldn't make the cutest little goth-geek babies anyone ever saw!

Anyone else ever think they were so cool making fun of people for watching CSI: AARP and then end up totally liking it? Just me? Ok.

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