January 26, 2009

Fashion Review - 2009 SAG Awards

I used to love awards shows. The Oscars, the Emmys, the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes...I relished every single one of them. Now, I think they're a total waste of time because they don't really honor the best of anything. I find it hard to give a shit who wins the award for best ensemble cast in a TV drama when they nominated the cast of House and didn't nominate the cast of Friday Night Lights. (No offense to the few cast members of House who are genuinely great but the entire cast is nowhere near as outstanding as the ensemble from Texas is.)

Having been so disgusted with the total crap nominations for major awards this year, I've been viewing the shows and the fashions from a very crabby place. I was completely disinterested in the Golden Globes fashion earlier this month because I thought the entire exercise of having the awards at all was meaningless. I do not feel any better about the quality of the nominations at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night. But, this time, I actually did find some fashion I cared enough to say either nice or nasty things about. I guess I must have been too tired to be crabby last night.

I'm not sure if this will be a popular opinion or not, but I really liked Marisa Tomei's dress and thought it looked gorgeous on her. She could have turned up the make-up a notch so that it wasn't quite so bland but overall, she looked beautiful.

Anne Hathaway finally showed up to a ceremony in a dress that didn't make me wonder if her stylist is blind. I think she looked great in the white gown with the beaded details. I would have gone a different way with the hair if it were me but it's a tiny quibble.

I checked the cv for Shaun Robinson and have to assume she was there as a reporter for Access Hollywood because otherwise, I am baffled as to why there would be a picture of her. Whatever the reason, I quite like the color of her dress. You don't see a lot of celedon on the red carpet, it's a nice change of pace and looks fantastic with her skin tone.

Kate Winslet looked smokin' in her bright blue dress. Boobs ahoy!

Oh, speaking of boobs, the Super SAG Award goes Katie Holmes. Those things are making a run for the border in a big way! I kind of like the dress, and I've always liked the more "cocktail" attire of the SAGs but if your dress isn't keeping the girls where the girls need to be, then wear a different dress! That said, I really like her hair and make-up.
Angelina Jolie is extending her run of wearing the droopiest, dowdiest, most matronly dresses she can find to these fetes. And also refusing to ACT like she cares at all about being there. Am I the only person who is just completely sick of her?

America Ferrera wore a dress made out of rags. Again, her hair and make-up were good but that does not make up for a dress that looks like she pulled it out of a dumpster at the Hanes Hosiery Factory.

I have a completely irrational hatred of Rosario Dawson. I can't explain why I don't like her because I don't think there is a reason but I can't stand her and therefore, I'm often much to hard on her sartorial choices. I also don't like fish-tail dresses. So I'm just saying that maybe it's just my anti-Rosario, anti-fish-tail attitude that makes me hate this look so very much but even so, I'm calling this my worst dress of the night.

Finally, I'd like to commend Mickey Rourke for his commitment to classiness. He worked the hand-down-the-pants stance at both the Globes and the SAGs. I look forward to seeing this again at the Oscars where he'll surely win the Tripple Crown of Classy Behavior.

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