January 13, 2009

Almost, Not Quite

Several months ago Taylor Momsen went from this:

To this:

Then she modified that a tiny bit and went with this:

Finally arriving at this:

The cuts were all reportedly in service of the evolution of her character Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl but no matter the reason, that last cut is just not acceptable. I half expected it to grow on me but it did the opposite and I managed to hate it more with every passing week.

Today I found this picture which shows that she's evolving the horrible razor shag into something better but it just isn't quite there yet.

Points for effort but if you really want to impress me, cut your bangs!


Brenda B said...

I agree she's got a long LONG way to go those first to pics she is SO pretty the third is OK the fourth is just horrible! and the last one is just trying to recover from a horrible cut and that is hard to work your way out of.

Speaking of cuts... I get mine chopped tomorrow.

Melissa said...

You better post a picture of the new 'do!