January 12, 2009

2009 Golden Globes Fashion Roundup

I can sum up the fashion from last night's Golden Globes ceremony in one word: SNORE!

Trend number 1: Black.

Trend number 2: White.

(Non-trend 2.5: Black and white.)

Trend number 3: Red.

Trend number 4: Gold.

Trend number 5: Blue.

Trend number 6: Grey.

Trend number 7: Purple.

Trend number 8: Washed out and sickly.

I'm not saying that some of these people didn't look lovely in their uninspired, derivative dresses because, obviously, some did. And some looked terrible (I think Rachel Griffiths is going to have a doozy of a bill from the hotel for using their wrinkled drapes as a gown). But mostly, everyone just looked boring.

Fortunately Julie Benz mixed it up with some teal.

Madeline Zima looked smashing in orange.

Maggie Gyllenhaal had a black and turquoise pattern thing going on that looked great on her. (Her shoes aren't good though.)

And Cameron Diaz came looking like shit on a crappy pink shingle!

Thank God for the four of them or I'd have had nothing at all to talk about this morning.

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