December 3, 2008

Life Imitates Art

I forgot to mention before that last night on Gossip Girl Jenny joined The Heathers in tricking Vanessa into wearing a see-through dress to the ball and then hit her with a harsh spot that flashed her goodies to all and sundry.

Then the actress who plays Little J hit the town in a "dress" (that's really a shirt) with transparent spots and got hit with harsh flashbulbs that exposed her underthings to us all.

When it happened to Vanessa I couldn't help but think that since she'd had the fore site to wear totally modest underpants and has a seriously rockin' bod anyway, I didn't really see the big deal. Frankly, if I looked like her I would have looked down, seen what the fuss was all about and yelled "that's right, I'm effin' HOT bitches!" Hell, if I had her body, I may have come to the dance in my undies to begin with.

Unfortunately, Taylor Momsen's problem is that her exposure is only showing us where her tights end and her skin begins and when you pair that rather un-sexy image with a face that says "holy shit, I really thought this haircut would look better or grow out faster or SOMETHING," it's just making everyone else in the world feel awkward about it.

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