December 26, 2008

Holiday Hangover

There are two main problems with working the day after Christmas:

1) My office is a ghost town. When I pulled into the parking lot at 7:45 this morning, there were roughly 40 cars here. The building has over 600 residents on a normal day so that's pretty sparse. No one calls, no e-mails come in. It's so quiet in here right now that I think I can hear the sound of my eyelids closing.

2) Holidays are like taking vacations to visit family - as soon as they're over, you need some time to lay low and recover! Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas and all, but it's exhausting and I really could have stayed in bed for about 4 additional hours this morning before getting up, making myself some pancakes, and then taking a nap.
Oh well, what's done is done. Christmas is over and I'm back in the office for a day of doing nothing.

As usual my family way over did the gifts and for some reason we were trying to be really courteous and make sure that we took turns opening everything this year so the gift portion of the day took FOREVER. I got most of the stuff on my list and some lovely things that weren't on my list. Everyone seemed to like what I gave them which is always a relief.
It was the puppies first Christmas and they seemed a bit overwhelmed. I wish I'd gotten some good pictures of them in their cute Christmas t-shirts but unfortunately ever picture I tried to take ended up with little blurs where the puppies had been because at that stage of the game they were too excited to sit still. Then they ran around outside in the mud and rain for about an hour and when they came in their cute t-shirts were covered in mud. That's when they were finally ready to join us for the unwrapping festivities.

Bailey decided right off the bat that he really liked one of my gifts (the incredibly nice cast iron skillet Jay and Mike got me) very much and staked his claim on it.

I wasn't sure I was ever going to be able to open it because he just couldn't stay off of it.

By the time we were done opening gifts and we'd eaten brunch and we'd done stockings, Tibby and Bailey were wiped out!

Fortunately, Tom snapped a couple of good pictures of me and my baby before she went home to sleep in peace for the rest of the day.

I can't wait until quitting time today when I get to go home and do the same thing!

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