December 9, 2008

Funerals and Weddings and Babies...Oh My!

I have been trying to post about last night's Gossip Girl all day but the episode was so insanely good that it literally blew my mind.

I can't really even think about it...I'm still sitting here completely agape!

Chuck went totally off the reservation, then came back on the reservation for a second and then woke up and remembered he was Chuck Bass and ran his crazy ass away.

Blair has succumb to the awesomeness of Cyrus and is just full-on turning into the tiny man! Cyrus and Eleanor got hitched, Jenny and Eleanor made up, Darota and Blair were bridesmaids. Blair made me cry at least three times, and oh yeah, she totally TOLD CHUCK SHE LOVES HIM. In those words! Mind, BLOWN!

Dan and Serena danced around the possibility of getting back together and acted weird and generally bugged me while Aaron and his incredibly squirrely facial hair made me wish that he were dead.

Chuck lashed out at Dan, Rufus, Serena, Lilly, Eric (that was the truly heartbreaking one) and Blair and then found out Lilly's big secret that CeCe wanted to come out because she's bizarrely awesome now.

Lilly and Rufus made plans to go away together and commence being in love for the rest of ever shmoop, shmoop, shmoop but then just when Lilly convinces Chuck to let his cold, black heart open up to the people who love him and he burns the secret, CeCe outs Lilly to Rufus and suddenly their happiness is deader than Bart!

Because the secret is that Lilly had a kid back in the day - and it was Rufus's! Dun-dun-dun! I know, I saw it coming too, but still.

Holy CRAP this show is good!

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