December 3, 2008

Bart Bass Bought The Farm

That's right, the most important thing we learned this week on Gossip Girl is that Bart Bass is not made of stone and is, in fact, killable. We know this on account of he TOTALLY DIED at the end! Unfortunately, the promos from next week would indicate that his death doesn't mean Chuck will stop trying in vain to make daddy love him.

The second most important thing that happened was that Vanessa was awesome. I know I'm the only person on earth who likes Vanessa but even the haters are going to have to admit that she was just the right amount of conniving and sweet and contrite. Jessica Szohr looked stunning and acted her ass off.

Item three is that Blaire and Chuck had a moment. It was hot. If that shocks you, you're going to want to sit down and brace yourself as I blow your mind with this news: water is wet.

Finally, Serena has boobs and continues to plan her wardrobe around showcasing that fact. Aaron's ex-girlfriend and current BFF, Lexi, is even more pompous than he is. She seems to routinely mistake "rude" for "interesting" and she is after Dan's sweet ass. Rufus and Lilly are in love, they've always been in love, they'll remain in love until they're both dead and probably long after and that is starting to really chap Chuck's hide. Now that Bart is dead, that's really going to cause some problems.

Please don't let my brevity fool you, the episode was just as amazing as every other GG episode has ever been.

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