October 16, 2008


Various outlets had pictures up this morning of the premiere of Synecdoche, New York last night. The one thing all the pictures had in common was how lovely Michelle Williams is looking.

I wish I had a professional makeup artist to do up my face every morning because I am seriously in love with her eye makeup. Her hair is fantastic too. Over the years Michelle has either had awesome hair or really, really terrible hair with very little middle ground. This falls into the category of awesome and makes me want to run out and re-bob.

I even liked her dress.

But her shoes were a whole other story so I just decided to only post pictures of her where you couldn't see those because I'm virulently anti-bootie. Especially with dresses!

As a side note, even Spike Jonze is looking quite dapper - for him anyway - which is nice to see since he tends toward the weird and greasy most of the time. I think they make a rather nice couple.

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