October 9, 2008

It'll Be Going There Again Tomorrow

Degrassi: The Next Generation starts another new season tomorrow on The N which I'm pretty sure was filmed a year ago since the commercials indicate that Darcy will be in this season and I highly doubt Shanae Grimes commuted from LA to Toronto to do both D:TNG and 90210 over the summer.

Anyway, in preparation for its return The N has been playing about 20 episodes of the show a day all week. I've caught a handful of them - I like Degrassi well enough and I'll watch it if I happen by it, but I don't go too far out of my way to watch it - and the ones I've managed to see have given me a few thoughts I feel the need to share.

First, why did so many of the girls have a crush on Craig? The dude was bipolar, self involved, clingy and not remotely cute.
Second, it's kind of awesome that even though Manny is a little on the slutty side, they don't really ostracize her for it. I mean, there are moments where she really takes it on the chin for some of her trampier decisions, but for the most part, the show is pretty nice to her. It shouldn't surprise me since by and large, Degrassi deals very well with issues of sexuality.
Third, I seriously love it when Paige calls people "hon," I can not explain why.
Fourth, I like the direction they went with Spinner post-shooting and in the most recent seasons. His character became so interesting. Also, with the shorter hair, he's kinda cute. Still a total mushmouth, but cute.
And speaking of cute - I think they should have gotten Spin and Paige back together. Look how good they look together!
Finally, Stacey Farber (Ellie) has the most beautiful hair ever. I really, REALLY want my hair to be this exact color.

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