October 28, 2008

I Love Mondays

Nate and Jenny had their big make-out last night and, truth be told, I loved it. I found myself routing for it all ep long and when it finally happened at the end, I cheered and clapped and maybe even rewound and watched it a few extra times just to prolong the enjoyment. I've decided that the great thing about Jenny and Nate together is that it at least gives Nate something to do since the poor guy gets relegated to nothingness a lot of the time - despite the fact that his family has some drama that we could be mining for more stories, but whatever.

In other UES news, Serena is going to start dating a RISD artist who she might have "married" as a child at summer camp (in Switzerland dontcha know), and Blair and Chuck have both admitted to loving each other but neither will say the words because they're deeply afraid that when they do, they'll find a way to fuck it up and hurt each other and then want to die. They are not wrong about that. So they've decided instead to keep playing this endless game of Who Wants Who More until they create so much heat they melt the entire planet and we all die. God bless their vicious, black little hearts!

On a side note, I've decided that what I really want more than anything in the world is for Chuck and Vanessa to be friends (who fuck) and for Dan and Blair to be friends because as twisted as it sounds, those two pairings have been almost my favorite things about the last two episodes (if you don't count the slo-mo shot of Chuck licking Blair's thigh).

Jenny also got a new friend this week in the form of Agnes the Model played by Willa Holland (or as I like to call her "Kaitlin Cooper - the most fabulous thing to happen to The O.C. since Taylor Townsend") and her uber-creepy RISD photog friend. Agnes can stay but that icky guy needs to go far, far away!

Meanwhile, while all that is going down in Manhattan, North Carolina's drama is getting back to being awesome. Brooke's becoming a pretty kick-ass foster mom to Sam, who showed definite signs last night of almost not sucking. Jamie continues to be the cutest kid on TV but the prosthetic teeth they make him wear are getting more and more distracting. Nathan and Haley are a totally believable married couple and also totally believable parents to a 6-year-old, and even without a whole hell of a lot going on story-wise for them, they're still my favorite people on the show. I'm more than ready for Gigi to go away and every second Mouth doesn't send her packing, I like him less - he's on very thin ice with me right now. Peyton's brother the Marine was back for a second, that was nice. Austin Nichols is a very good-looking movie producer who wants to turn Ravens (Luke's first horrid book) into a movie and then turns out to be someone Peyton apparently had an affair with when she lived in LA. They're trying to play up the drama there but I don't get why it matters since she and Lucas weren't together then. Typical OTH. Austin Nichols is very, very attractive though, so I just let shit happen when it involves him (as I did when he was Julie's highly inappropriate English teacher on Friday Night Lights).

The main thing I want to say is that while I was watching OTH last night, I was once again thinking how very much I hoped the old rumor that Sophia Bush and James Lafferty are dating is true. They are both so cute and sweet-seeming and whenever they have scenes together they just look like they're having so much fun. Then this morning I popped over to JustJared and saw that Sophia's ex finally confirmed that she and James are a couple and I just could not be happier about it.

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