October 9, 2008

Dear Casting Directors,

The next time you need to cast brothers, I'd like to suggest Michael Cassidy and Jeff Hephner.

They totally look alike, right? (Even more so when they both have short hair - as they do now - but I couldn't find a picture of Jeff from his current show.)

Anyway, this thought occurred to me yesterday as I was watching Jeff's new CW show Easy Money. It's not a terrible show, though I think it may need another ep or two to find it's footing. Laurie Metcalf is very funny in it and Jeff is pretty likable...Jay R. Furgeson could be less annoying though and everyone else mostly seemed like filler. I think I'll be hoping this show makes it through for a full season, but if it doesn't, I really think that the producers of Privileged should consider giving Charlie an older brother - perhaps to throw ANOTHER wrinkle into his relationship with Megan?

In other new show news, I also caught Valentine yesterday and it blew. It was terrible. I thought Autumn Reeser was pretty adorable in it but everything else about it sucked beyond comprehension. That one is destined for swift cancellation.

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