September 26, 2008

Supernaturally Good

The second episode of Supernatural's season didn't disappoint. Three familiar faces were back; they succeeded in faking me out that Bobby might be eviscerated; they introduced Bobby's panic room which is just one more in a looooong string of things that Bobby has done to prove how much ass he kicks.

Castiel brought his delectable, heavenly self back 'round to confab with Dean and clear some shit up for us. Turns out Lilith has gone the way of the crazy and decided to start unlocking the 66 seals (or, you know, supernatural pad-locks, I guess) necessary to unleash Lucifer from Hell and bring about the apocalypse. Naturally God would prefer if this didn't happen, so he sent a bunch of his angels (those be the Big Guy's soldiers dontcha know?) down to try and put a stop to the maddness and asked Castiel to wrangle ol' Deano out of the pit to lend a hand with that. Which is a pretty good plan, I must say.

What didn't get made any effing clearer is what exactly is going on with Sammy's demon-vanquishing powers. Is he imbued with the forces of good or evil? Also, why is he suddenly not the smart one anymore? And why in the name of all that is good and right with the world don't they write more scenes with Jared Padalecki comin' out of the shower?

Or performing some sort of sweaty, dirt-smudge-inducing task in a wife-beater?

Anyway, the show is firing on all cylinders to be sure, but there are still things buggin' me. After the Christmas episode last year, I thought the Winchester boys had learned a valuable lesson about communicating and yet here we are 10 months later and Dean isn't telling Sam about the coming Rise O' The Devil and Apocalyptic Fun Time and Sam has out-and-out lied to Dean about his involvement with Ruby and use of his creepy powers. Why? What does either one of them think not talking about those things is going to get them?

What's up with the communication breakdown Kripke?

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