September 9, 2008

Big Ears

I have not been able to adequately articulate my thoughts on last night's One Tree Hill yet. I'm irritated that we saw neither hide nor hair of Brooke until 8 minutes into the show and when we did it wasn't like Brooke at all, it was some totally new person that they are trying to pass off as Brooke even though everything she's doing is completely out of character for her as she's been written for these past 5 seasons. I'm bugged by how much screen time the impossibly boring relationship between Lucas and Peyton continues to get and really, REALLY over the Dan/Carrie crap. I'm happy that Nathan and Haley were given something approaching substance to do. I am starting to LOVE Deb again and I'm kind of ok with her and Skillz as a couple now. I'm very, very, VERY sad about how it ended.

That's not really much of a post but I had to post anyway, just to make sure I got that picture of Jamie up.

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