August 6, 2008

Tibby Deserves Better Than This

Did I already mention why I named my puppy Tibby? Because I'm way too lazy to go back through my posts and look. Well, if not, here it is: I am a very big fan of the Traveling Pants book series and my favorite member of the sisterhood is Tibby. Riveting story, no?

In the movies that are based on the books (which I'm probably going to rant about here in the nearish future because I can feel my Irish getting up a bit just thinking about them, sorry in advance), Tibby is played by Amber Tamblyn which is just fine by me because I adore Amber. Joan of Arcadia was a fantastic series that I was sad to see end and I thought Amber did a stellar job in it. Yay Amber Tamblyn! Now, I get that Amber is not actually Tibby because, you know, Tibby is not really a person, she's a fictional character, but even still, I think Tibby deserves better than to have her portrayer prance around town in the service of promoting the second movie wearing this:

She's a really pretty girl and I'm not just saying that because she and I are wearing our hair nearly identically at this precise moment or because her makeup is gorgeous (though both are true). If this picture were a head shot, this would be a very different post. But this picture is not a head shot, it clearly showcases her entire outfit which is very, very bad.

Her shorts are too short and pulled up WAY too far, the skinny belt is really just calling attention to the way the pants are making her look thick around the middle, the cardigan is droopy and a rather strange accessory to wear with short-shorts anyway because if you're cold, maybe wear PANTS! The see-through shirt is a pretty poor choice on it's own, but tucking it in so very tightly isn't doing her figure (which is NOTHING to be ashamed of by the way) any favors. As a side note to that last point - the tight-tuck seems to be a new trend and I'm really, really not on board with it. Stop doing that people! It's not flattering on any figure. Seriously. I feel like she got dressed in a room with no mirrors and not a speck of light.

Great shoes though.

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Anonymous said...

I agree great shoes... tragic outfit.